Finance Manager


This role supports Mazda Rama7 Group and the key business objectives including:

    Supporting the achievement of profitability and expansion of vehicle sales, service and body repair market opportunities.
    Protecting and enhancing the reputation of Mazda Rama7 Group within the Mazda community and the Thai community in general.
    Ensuring ongoing support for the Owner, Management and our employees by providing appropriate reports and advice within the business environment.

This position’s functions include:
The Finance Manager supporting the Finance Director to maintain the appropriate accounting, financial and treasury controls to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the accounting records and processes that support the management information systems.
    Management of the treasury function to achieve agreed performance levels and outcomes including operating within appropriate facility limits.
    Ensure we maintain and enhance our reputation with the various banks and financial institutions with which we have a relationship.
    Maintain accurate records of our assets, liabilities and transactions to ensure appropriate reports are prepared for the Owner and management. 
    Undertake projects and programs, from time to time, as agreed with the Management.


1.    Treasury  responsibilities
•    Understand, manage, and supervise all aspects of our Dealership’s cash flow sources, accounting procedures and processes. 
•    Forecast weekly and monthly cash requirements and execute daily financing decisions. 
•    Ensure that sufficient funds are available to meet ongoing operational and capital investment 
•    Determine the Dealership’s monthly VAT and other tax positions and plan the appropriate payment requirements to ensure our compliance.
•    Maintain the appropriate information to control the various floor plan arrangements which finance our vehicle inventory and ensure we are in compliance with the payment requirements of these financiers (KBank and Tisco are our current suppliers).
•    Assess the most appropriate financing arrangements to ensure we minimize the costs of using funds to finance our vehicle inventory and ongoing operations including capital investment.
•    Ensure that required debt and interest payments are made on a required basis.
•    Manage relationships with financial service providers. 
•    Monitor bank account matters including service fees. 
•    Recommend, implement and maintain process improvements. 

2.    Financial responsibilities
•    Overseeing the operations of the finance & accounting department, including the systems for achieving the department's goals and objectives
•    Overseeing the internal control systems, transaction-processing operations, policies and procedures of the Dealership.
•    Ensure that accounts payable are paid in a timely manner in accordance with the terms and conditions of our supplier relationships. 
•    Ensure that accounts receivable (vehicles, insurance and others) are collected promptly in accordance with agreed terms. 
•    Ensure that daily bank reconciliations are completed accurately in a timely manner to allow the Treasury responsibilities to be met. 
•    Ensure the timely completion of monthly and annual financial statements including Profit & Loss Management Report and Statement of Financial Position.
•    Assist in the preparation and submission of financial statements to Mazda Sales Thailand by 20th of each month.
•    Assist in the preparation of the annual financial budget and cash flow forecasts 
•    Analyze monthly variances from the budget and report significant issues to Management.

Required Education & Experience: 
•    Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting/Finance. 
•    Experience in preparing cash forecasts and cash flow analyses. 
•    Experience in the preparation of financial statements, schedules and variance analysis. 

Required Skills, Knowledge & Competencies: 
•    Knowledge of Thailand accounting standards and financial instruments. 
•    Analytical, organization and interpersonal skills. 
•    Spreadsheet and modeling skills. 
•    Excellent collaboration, verbal and written communication skills in Thai and English. 
•    Able to break down problems into meaningful parts and come to rational and well-thought out conclusions. 
•    Attention to detail and accuracy. 
•    Committed to process improvement. 
•    Willing to adapt quickly to changes in direction. 
•    Internally motivated to seek out answers, generate ideas, and develop new skills.

Please email your resume to John Ray (Business Development - Mazda Rama7 Group)