Finance Information

Financial services

• Financing Leasing Service available for new cars both individuals and legal entities.
• When you buy a new Mazda vehicle, you have peace of mind that your vehicle is covered for warranty repair with the normal three years or 100,000 km warranty period. This protection can be extended with additional coverage up to further two years or 40,000 km. This program is called Mazda Added Protection (MAP). We can also offer you this MAP with a credit card program for up to six months at a low interest rate or alternatively, MAP can be added to your car leasing package.
• Comprehensive car insurance package are also available to protect you against the risk of accidental damage is your car and the driver of the other vehicle.
• New Car Insurance Car insurance renewal service and two years.

Our Sales Consultant car provide advice on various financial services available to you and your car. Helps you to calculate the monthly payment installment as it suits you.